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 "Since 2009, she has wisely focused on singing, and now all of a sudden

 she has a world-class voice capacity. Räisänen interprets the solo songs

 with amazing confidence and boldness."




"Räisänen's strength lies in the dynamic flexibility of her voice and in her ability to express the nuances of music and drama."



"Astonishingly naturally Räisänen played and sang simultaneously, as if having an expressive dialogue between bright and dark sides of her personality. She has similar kind of lyrical and radiantly beautiful tone both in her singing voice and in her violin."

-Helsingin Sanomat-



"...creative tone world accented by mezzo-soprano Virpi Räisänen's magnetic charisma and expression."

-Norrbottens Kuriren-


"...the moonlike scenery, which is lightend up by mezzo soprano Virpi Räisänen's radiant, heart touching singing."



"Playfull and surprising Virpi Räisänen shows that one can combine voice and body in many unexpected ways. Sequenza III from Luciano Berio is exploring all the possibilities of a female voice and Virpi was facinating and impressively agile both in her voice and body."



Trasparente video released

Virpi Räisänen and composer Ilmari Mäenpää had an honour to fullfill their long lived dream of a music video from Mäenpää's work Trasparente written for mezzosoprano-violinist Virpi Räisänen. Trasparente flm was released in Oulu and Helsinki on the 5th and 6th of May 2011 with beautiful sponsoring help form VERVE.

Trasparente is filmed in Oulu, Oulunsalo and Hailuoto in freezing -30 degrees in February 2010. All detailed information and the film itself in following address:

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